Moulin Vodka 750 ml

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Moulin by Jean Paul


"A world-class vodka that is fantasically expressive, elegant, and flavorful. An ideal vodka for sipping neat, on the rocks, or in martinis."  by the Beverage Tasting Institute

Moulin Vodka is handcrafted i the town of Angoulême at the heart of the Charente region in the south of France. This historicsetting is home to a spirit making dynasty that stretches back of seven generations, a place where tradition and innovation share equal footing.

To create a spirit as pure and smooth and Moulin, Jean-Marc employs a THREE-STAGE TECHNIQUE  to ensure perfection in every bottle produced. This involves DISTILLING THE VODKA SEVEN TIMES to achieve the desired level of putiy before being AERATED WITH A FLOW OF OXYGEN, going from the bottom tot he top of the vat, releasing the bad esters and elimating any inpurities.  Lastly, the vodka is CHARCOAL FILTERED to maximize the spirit's refinement.

AROMA - An intensely clean preseantation that ends with just a suggestion of zested time.

PALATE - A very soft, smooth mouth feel displaying subtle notes of vanilla evenly textured across the roof of the mouth and tongue.

FINISH - A light, yet stylish, finish that feels perfectly balanced.

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