Porfidio Agave Dry Gin 750ml

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Gin is unquestionably the most free-spirited, and innovative of spirits, since it allows distillers such scope for creativity. For our Agave Gin, we chose Mexico's finest pure agave distillate (Porfidio) as our base spirit to macerate aromatic cacti flowers from the Mexican desert alongside with Italy’s finest juniper berries. For extra-smoothness, this agave gin is then aged for 5 years in chestnut casks. Drink it straight, like any great cask-aged spirit, or mix it with tonic, whatever your preference. Gorgeous on the palate and smooth, even at 47% Alc.! Aromatic elements: agave spirits, agave flowers, tuna cactus flowers, dragon fruit cactus flowers, fresh juniper berries.

47% ABV  |  Product of Germany



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